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Counseling FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How does counseling work?
Effective counseling for both individuals and couples begins by you and the counselor forming a confidential working partnership. The counselor should be trained in proven methods of helping you through emotional difficulties, whether recent or long standing. Martha believes, “At some level, most clients know where they want to go with their life. Our purpose in working together is to create a useful roadmap and remove obstacles to getting there.”

What can I expect in a counseling session?
Martha’s counseling will be tailored to your specific needs. Your desired outcome will inform the choices made about how the time together is used. She has acquired advanced training and certification in several established and proven counseling methods.

With Martha’s help you will understand what emotions and behaviors interfere with your ability to gain more satisfaction in life. You will learn more effective approaches to handling your feelings and interactions with others.

How much time does counseling take?
The aim will be to help you accomplish your purposes as quickly as possible, then leave with the tools to move forward on your own. This process may take only one or two visits, or it may involve several weeks or more. The decision about frequency of visits will be made jointly by you and Martha.

What happens if we come as a couple?
Maintaining mutual trust, respect, and affection through the ups and downs of daily life is a true challenge for any relationship. The focus of counseling will be on helping you clarify and clearly communicate the needs and expectations you each bring to the relationship, and look at ways to make life together more fulfilling.

What if the counselor and I are not of the same sex, race, or sexual orientation?
Martha respects and values the diversity of our human community. She strives to create a welcoming experience for everyone. Martha is sensitive to the uniqueness of each individual. She will ask questions to better understand your life experience.

Would anyone know I’m getting help?
Confidentiality is central to a successful counseling experience. Martha carefully maintains professional standards to protect it.

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